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Hidden stories. Experimental photography and conceptual media through whatever and whenever oh and software. I do my own stunts.

But this site is about photography. Digital, film, software, ... anything that is there. Any kind of medium will do as long as it excacerbates the instant and enables a capture, but it should catalyze the moment without freezing the sensation. Sometimes there are things to say, there is a message or even a goal, sometimes none.

Photography as a trace of existence, or maybe as a symptom. How can you freeze in a still image the lapse of an instant, its past and future all at once? How do you catch the sense of loneliness, of joy, or of conscience in a flat two dimensional image? As abstract as life is, photography is its humble pendant.

Most of the updating goes through my Instagram feed until some other platform comes along, and many works are not online, so don't hesitate to ask. :) Open to collaborations if they make sense and / or are propositions for fun and adventure.

Check the website or my instagram feed for some of the stuff.

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