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multimodal photography




Apps as a way to share software patchworks of algorithms and processes

Digital technologies opened new path in photography, one of them being computational treatment of the source images. As no tool really answered my craving for texture and process, I started to experiment around digital code to create images of my imagination. Since my first musings in the late nineteen eighties, the advent of cameraphones and smartiphones, mature and ubiquitous digital social networks, but also of pocketable computing power, these have now enabled the large-scale distribution of photographic processes and tools through apps. Here are a few apps (for personal or collective creation) I started developing for my own that I recently packaged for larger distribution worldwide.

Camare Creative Camera

Camare is a simple photo app that lets you take multi lens pictures in one shot. You can take separate, dual, multi photographs with the lenses you want or independently define which camera to use as a viewfinder (e.g. to capture from the tele lens while previewing from the wide angle one).

Vica Virtual Camera

Vica Ponsh is a point and shoot vintage camera simulator made to celebrate the beauty of analog cameras' past. Tap the trigger to take a photo. Swiping the trigger button left or right switches between camera simulations.


Dark Cam is an inconspicuous (not readily noticeable) camera app. The screen is divided in three: the shutter buttons, the central revealing zone, the dampening border sliders. The shutter buttons. They are on the left and right or top and bottom depending on how you hold your device. They are located such as you can easily and rapidly take the picture.

Duall Dualphoto

Capture both sides of reality, together. The original app for taking simultaneous dualphotos, alone or collaboratively. The Duall app takes photos sequentially from both sides of your device (or a single photo with a double tap - you can therefore use the unique creative filters for any kind of photo) in order to memorise those great moments with that little twist that will remind you of the mood from both sides of your device. Your pictures can now come with a simultaneous selfie, and all your selfies with a front view. But you can also use it to get two points of view to enhance the feel from any situation, for events, food, ambiance, street, experimental work.

Digital Paula Instant Camera

This is the experimental app platform for the development of my other apps. So, sometimes it may be a bit unstable or the ergonomics a bit weird, but hopefully you will find it fun and creative.

Digital Paula uses the multiple creative filters and simulations from the Camare app. All the cameras I base the simulations with are based on my actual use of the originals. Below you will also find some history on each original, often based on reviews I had written for The Raw Camera / Von Cam on .

The app is based on the photographic engine I developed for Camare, a multi-camera, multi settings camera simulator still in its infancy. So if you like it and want to help / sponsor the development of these apps, check


Selfiemage is part of an artistic project working on self-representation, creating a stylized hominid selfie. The constructed hominid representation methods will evolve with time. Version 1 lets you create a simple whole body selfie, and lets you send it to the project author for a possible selection and display in an online gallery as well as in a future real-world exhibition.

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