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Dualphotography is a photographic technique I started using years ago that consists of simultaneously taking two back-to-back photographs (a dualphoto) of one scene, thus capturing images from both sides of a photographic device.

With their back and front-facing lenses, smartphones would be ideal dual-cameras. I, therefore, developed and distributed the Duall Dualphoto and Camare apps.

They can be used to simultaneously capture both a subject and its photographer (as with a selfie), but holding the device in alternative ways it can snap both sides of a single location without the photographer.

Its dual reverse point of view adds a supplementary narrative layer while removing the blindspot behind that of a single photo, opening all new horizons for photographic storytelling.

This series is a selection of my original experiment with that new apparatus/medium.

Check the technical essay An Introduction to Dualphotography on
The original equipment used was the Duall Dualphoto app and also the refined tool Camare app.
You can also check the dualphotography Wikipedia page to check on other details about this technique I pioneered.
There is a small booklet with works from the first series available in Out of the Phone's book collection.

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