matière numérique

Matière Numérique

How does a photographer assert his point of view in an abstract photograph? While research on the analog medium has been going on for years, the advent of digital photography has brought a new substrate to photographers' works.

Film grain transitioned to the digital pixel and while the first renders a refined lattice through complex chemical reactions, the latter is usually thought to be defined by the shape of its electronic sensor.

Digital-matter, however, isn't simply a group of adjacent square (or rectangular) pixels, it is a complex lattice created by not only the bayesian matrix used for color reproduction but also of electro-magnetic artifacts from the electronic sensors, screens, and circuits but also of the software and mathematical transformations resulting from the electronic signal conversion and treatment.

'Matière Numérique' is the most recent part of this photographic research on digital-matter (matière numérique in French). It focuses on the photographer's point-of-view and composition when looking at an abstract digital photographic substrate. Recursive zooming on a single-pixel ends up to a near-infinite number of complex visual worlds and objects, which I photograph as if they were a more traditional subject, revealing personal style and sensibility.

Ongoing with a 1000+ serie developing online at . You can follow Matière Numérique on Instagram as it evolves.

And read more about the concepts behind on
'Matière Numérique — a few thoughts on digitalmatter / digitalgrime: a photographical perspective.'.

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