matière numérique


'Serial' is meant as an experiment in automatic photographic narration. There is no randomness, only timely decisions. This number one tome combines the first 6 monthly opuses into one. Every image has a hidden story but the series adds an adventure dimension. Some are now, some are past, and they probably will foretell the future. All are memories.

Both Swiss and San Francisco Bay Area native, Tristan Zand is an experimental photographer attempting to answer everyday-reality's call to become Human stories.

​ Hungry to understand photographic memories through still and moving images, he shares his views of shapes and colors by interacting with people, spaces, objects, sounds using analog and digital receptacles as well as software code to go beyond.

Serial 1 - the first volume story covering the first 6 month (184 pages soft cover photobook - English) available as ISBN 978-2-940679-00-3.

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