The Bootymachine

The project went live on the internet on the first of January 2007. It proposed to use new connected technologies to take, process and share pictures.

3 month after Facebook was available to the general public, 9 days before the revolutionary unveiling of the iPhone by Steve Jobs, 5 years before Instagram was sold for 1 billion dollars, this project was the first proof of concept of a networked phone-based photographic app that would distinctively confine the captured image to a square shape and automatically apply a specific set of digital filters to create the like of analog Polaroid or Kodak Instamatic images.

While today similar photographic tools provide billions of users with this creative facility, these 365+1 photographs are the result of the first documented photographic project using such an infrastructure. Using a high-end feature-phone, a computer running a specific set of scripted image filters, and some in-house internet server software, the photographs were automatically published online (in low resolution and high compression) every day of 2007 for everyone’s availability since.

This project paved the way to the all of today’s creative social-network photographic apps, the same that fundamentally are changing the way we take pictures.

Check the original project website.

A near 400 pages book about the photographic part of the project is also available.

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