matière numérique


Multi-mixed-media experimentalist into photography.
Online with the original Ze Z Zone experimental website from 1995 until now.
But also my Instagram feed and some other photos on 500px but you can also catch me on Twitter for some context.

I mainly use Leica cameras today. The reasons are simple and few. The image creation philosophy seems to work with mine. Lenses are subtle and varied, open to expressing feelings and precision. My favorite beasts of theirs are the M5 for film (love that spot meter and the ergonomics), the M8 for the CCD quality and exploitable low light signal-to-noise, the M240 as a full-frame workhorse, and the S2 for the medium format magic of its CCD. Recently have discovered the magic of the SL2, with a test-ride that made me happy and feel at home (my take on it for Leica Switzerland thanks to the awesome team of the Leica Store Geneva).
I will mention also my idea of how a camera can be build rather locally in Europe for its major parts, with local workers in decent conditions. A visit to their factories is a must.

I definitely use many other brands from all ages. From my first Nikon experiences to Canon through the years, and also my discovery of Pentax in medium as well as small format, both film and digital.

Lots of respect to the instant cameras from Polaroid and Impossible, as well as their Fuji counterparts, they also make the magic happen.

Let us not forget all these film makers, from my favorite Kodak chemistries (love to you TMAX and ProImage), and all these Foma and Ilford recipes, you are still many others, and hopefully for long making the magical rolls of light sensitive film.

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