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Tristan Zand (aka Zed De Rillex) - experimental photographer

Both Swiss and San Francisco Bay Area native, Tristan Zand (aka Zed De Rillex) is an experimental photographer / videographer / musician attempting to answer everyday-reality’s call to become Human stories.

His experimental work represents a seamless emulsion of analogue and digital substrates, implicit attempt at increasing narrative and poetic enthalpy towards deeper emotional adventures.

Series range from abstract to street, through portrait and documentary photography, but his research more particularly focuses on the development of innovative techniques as Dualphotography or bespoke photographic and internet-based collaborative software.

Hungry to understand photographic memories through still and moving images, he shares his views of shapes and colors by interacting with people, spaces, objects, sounds, using analog and digital receptacles as well as bespoke computer code to go beyond.

member and founder of the since 2005

The PhotoCollective is a collective photography initiative that has organised photography meetups online and in the real world since 2005. This was meant to meet other like-minded photographers and find new ways to collectively practice photography.

From group exhibitions, collaborative street photography, conferences, and various other meetups, the collective has tried to make the social aspect of creative photography something fun and mind stimulating.

Thousands of photographers have participated to this fun collective initiative in the 15+ years of existence. Collective exhibits have been presented at the PhotoGenève Festival in 2020 and 2021, including some of his works.

collaborations - happy to work together

Always open to new ideas and collaborations. From remote experimenting with photographic stories to other in-the-field experiments with imaging, simply send me a line and let's talks about it. Also open to specific partnerships with socio-cultural and environmental endeavours or institutions. Conferences and workshops about story-telling, gear stuff or photographic-software construction are something I will do too, just ask.

Available for assignments of all nature.


Currently, the best way to get in touch is through the contact on the @zdrilx Instagram page or one of the Youtube channels.

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