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multimodal photography




Matter - the podcast project about inspiration, storytelling, and photography

Starting in May 2023, this project is part of the "Photo Collective Podcast".

Step 6

Two new pictures chosen for the matter they represent - taken from works captured in 2019 on instant film.

Step 5

The filming with a new camera has started, not much more, a slow process. Slow thinking and some minor changes to the previously created pages, using an analog typewriter for the same text contents.

Step 4

On the last time I evocated the podcast project, I was looking at Japanese haikus from the 17th century, this might mature into something. In the meantime I try to find inspiration by using gear I never used before, something that isn't a priori my cup of tea, a Hasselblad 500 C/M with Lomography Metropolis film.

Step 3

The back-side of the cover switches from white to black. The first pages with two full-frame pictures in a diptych as well as some text have been added.

Step 2

For now the project will attempt to become a book or magazine, with a first picture on the cover page being a blurry one from a sunset, the back picture being one of my photo studio in the nineties.

Step 1

For this first week, this project is going to become a live experiment in inspiration, storytelling, and improvisation for photography

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