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multimodal photography




Online - there are things that only live in a virtual world

Many works or projects are made of a medium that requires online existence. There are texts, collections, applications, ... so many things online that either enable the existence of works, but also who enable distribution to a wider or more specialized audience.

The 1995 multimedia website with everything in a mixed-pot. From music, grooves, sounds, pictures, code, texts, courses, .... a weird ageless space for many of the projects I've started expanding on the Internet at a time when no-one was interested. est. 1995


Mixed-media exhibition with photographs and video-installations. All the grooves, pictures, videos and information from the pioneer Bootymachine collective. Including the photographic tools and experiment in computational and social photography way before the iPhone and thus all the apps that we all know today (e.g. Hipstamatic, Instagram, ...) est. 2006

Instagram ZDrilx

The ubiquitous platform held now by Meta, Facebook then, and independent before. The place which is hard to avoid if you want to get in touch. Various posts from my diverse projects (photos, music, videos, ...).

@zdrilx on Instagram

Zand.Photography Youtube

In French and English. These channels present both 'traditional' photographic works but also of 'computational photography'. Camera presentations and other stories.

in English
en français

Von Cam - The Raw Camera - Medium

Various articles on photography, including gear review, techniques, courses, ...

The Raw Camera / Von Cam on

The PhotoCollecive - collective photography

As a founder and active member, The PhotoCollective is a collective photography initiative that has organised photography meetups since 2005. From group exhibitions, collaborative street photography, conferences, and various other meetups, the collective has tried to make the social aspect of creative photography something fun and mind stimulating. Thousands of photographers have participated to this fun collective initiative in the 15+ years of existence.

The est. 2005

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