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Previous works

Most of the works here are on the long run. Slowly working on parallel path to tell the story, to construct a visual story sometimes requires weeks, month, years before these will be shown out in the world.

Here are a few glimpses of what is coming up.

The Bootymachine (photography 2007)

The BootymachineThe project went live on the internet on the first of January 2007. It proposed to use new connected technologies to take, process and share pictures.

3 month after Facebook was available to the general public, 9 days before the revolutionary unveiling of the iPhone by Steve Jobs, 5 years before Instagram was sold for 1 billion dollars, this project was the first proof of concept of a networked phone-based photographic app that would distinctively confine the captured image to a square shape and automatically apply a specific set of digital filters to create the like of analog Polaroid or Kodak Instamatic images.

While today similar photographic tools provide billions of users with this creative facility, these 365+1 photographs are the result of the first documented photographic project using such an infrastructure. Using a high-end feature-phone, a computer running a specific set of scripted image filters, and some in-house internet server software, the photographs were automatically published online (in low resolution and high compression) every day of 2007 for everyone’s availability since.

This project paved the way to the all of today’s creative social-network photographic apps, the same that fundamentally are changing the way we take pictures.

Check the original project website.


Meat: to the freedom of being alone in your own enslavement. A meat you can eat, that feels and acts, but also blames and abuses too. And of the soul that tries to escape from it.

This work was the result of a workshop under the supervision of Antoine d'Agata in Arles, and focused on the tenuous relationship between victim and assailant, or how humans will oscillate between one and the other.

A sensual essay on these two states of being, and of how they relate to our philosophical values, the projections we make of what it means to be, and the ever questioned concept of our inner existence in relationship to the other.


How does one match with another soul at the time of Internet dating apps? The project is an attempt at understanding the personal preferences and aesthetics underlying what makes photographic seduction possible.

Matchomaton started in 2017 as a project seeking the esthetical significance of the photos we match. In that our urge to overcome singlehood, we swipe photographs but rarely consider what they represent. While these apps tend to focus on the one-to-one relationship, looking at the self-photographs we post and concatenating them in unique collages, the result gives us a glimpse of what we could look like all facets-included.

Rebuilding unrecognizable portraits of random women matched using the pictures they posted on popular meeting apps, with the explicit approval of the subjects, offers a glimpse of what that individual could be, including a self-reconstruction.


Dualphotography is a photographic technique I started using years ago that consists of simultaneously taking two back-to-back photographs (a dualphoto) of one scene, thus capturing images from both sides of a photographic device. With their back and front-facing lenses, smartphones would be ideal dual-cameras. I, therefore, developed and distributed the Duall Dualphoto and Camare apps. They can be used to simultaneously capture both a subject and its photographer (as with a selfie), but holding the device in alternative ways it can snap both sides of a single location without the photographer.

Its dual reverse point of view adds a supplementary narrative layer while removing the blindspot behind that of a single photo, opening all new horizons for photographic storytelling. This series is a selection of my original experiment with that new apparatus/medium.

Check the technical essay An Introduction to Dualphotography on
The original equipment used was the Duall Dualphoto app and also the refined tool Camare app.
You can also check the dualphotography Wikipedia page to check on other details about this technique I pioneered.
There is a small booklet with works from the first series that was available in "Out of the Phone's" book collection.


'Serial' is meant as an experiment in automatic photographic narration. There is no randomness, only timely decisions. Every image reflects an element fundamental to a hidden story, all adding up to a poetic adventure. Some are now, some are past, and they probably will foretell the future. All are memories. The project includes texts attached to each image that will together compose the overall adventure.

This work is a mix of various photographic medium, combining wide-ranging formal styles and techniques into one. From digital images to expired film, ranging from software-created to chemical-errors, the series exploit images from a large pool of photographs taken in a chronological order, and published in relative real-time. The first six month of experiments are combined into a book named "Serial 1" and which relates the first adventure into seriality.

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